A-Level Maths Past Papers

AQA 6360

The past papers for the old AQA A-Level Maths syllabus can be found here. All the available exam past papers are listed below. You can download or view the A-Level Maths AQA past papers and mark schemes by clicking on the links below.

You can use past papers from the old syllabus to practice with, but be aware that some topics have been removed in the new syllabus, therefore some questions might not be relevant.

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Current syllabuses
Old syllabuses
Year C1 C2 C3 C4 M1B M2B S1B S2B
Jun 2018
Jun 2017
Jun 2016
Jun 2015
Jun 2014
Jun 2013
Jan 2013
Jun 2012
Jan 2012
Jun 2011
Jan 2011
Jun 2010
Jan 2010
Jun 2009
Jan 2009
Jun 2008
Jan 2008
Jun 2007
Jan 2007
Jun 2006
Jan 2006
Jun 2005
Jan 2005

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