GCSE Physics Specification

Edexcel 1PH0

Section 1: Key concepts of physics

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Recall and use the SI unit for physical quantities:

Base units

Length - metre (m)
Mass - kilogram (kg)
Time - second (s)
Current - ampere (A)
Temperature - kelvin (K)
Amount of substance - mole (mol)

Derived units

Frequency - hertz (Hz)
Force - newton (N)
Energy - joule(J)
Power - watt (W)
Pressure - pascal (Pa)
Electric charge - coulomb (C)
Electric potential difference - volt (V)
Electric resistance - ohm (Ω)
Magnetic flux density - tesla (T)


Recall and use multiples and sub-multiples of units, including giga (G), mega (M), kilo (k), centi (c), milli (m), micro (μ) and nano (n)


Be able to convert between different units, including hours to seconds


Use significant figures and standard form where appropriate